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Well in June of 2008 I purchased a Cal Spa Victory Extreme Lounger L-08-VX869LG-60 which was manufactured Feb 08. The spa is terrific works fine no major failed parts yet... BUT we had to have the waterfall fixed 3 times it kept leaking around the side of the fall. The 3rd time the service tech put clear caulk in it to keep it from leaking now I do not know if that is the way it should be but at least it isn't leaking God forbid it go again cause now its caulked in there.

My other major concern is the access door or service door on the skirting itself. I am no rocket scientist but even i could have come up with a better design then this, they took 6 inch x 4 foot slats that have a tongue and groove side together to form approx 4' x 4' access door now how they did this is on the back side of the slats they glued on plastic pieces of 1x wood to form a square reinforced that with some staples into the plastic and screwed the door to the frame of the cabinet.

Hey wonderful if I never have to take it off, but I like my water fresh and change it every couple months so to do that I have to remove the door.

So over the winter yes ONE Season the wood warped glue failed and staples came out of the door. THE WHOLE THING fell apart.

See attached photo if it works I will post it.

Now my other post on here is about their dealer I purchased it from

please visit that and read the whole problem I have been having getting this thing fixed its going on 6 months...

Product or Service Mentioned: Cal Spas Hot Tub.

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Cal spas quality is horrible!!!!


I believe after selling Cal Spas and dealing with them for over 5 years that their spas arent the biggest problem but all the red tape and not honoring warranty has been our biggest issue. I would not reccomend Cal Spas to my worst enemy.


Tom sent you an email to the gmail account

Saint Kilda West, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #80045

Tom; We will cover the replacement door under warranty. The staples are there to just hold the door together until the glue cures in production.

The glue is suitable for the plastic wood application. It is possible that the door was handled during curing and caused the bond to fail.


I am an authorized Cal Spa service agent in San Diego, CA. I just read your posting and saw the photo of your equipment access door.

Please, contact me with the serial number and delivery date of your hot tub and I'll work at getting you a replacement door panel.

I'll do everything I can to get the replacement covered by the Cal Spa warranty.

The waterfall (and all the other jets) are commonly sealed with silicone during manufacture. It sounds like your local technician fixed that problem but if it gives you any further issues please, let me know.

Tom Davis


County Pool & Spa


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