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The hot tub looks nice and well made on the showroom floor, but beware (if anything goes wrong) they will use every excuse in the book to void your warranty and blame YOU to get out of fixing it or replacing it. I purchased model: Bel Air 851B on 5-23-16, delivery date: 7-30-16. Cal Spas is refusing to warrant the spa claiming chemical abuse after reviewing a video I sent to them showing the caulking and plumbing coming apart. Numerous problems since before delivery...Had to get a police detective to get the spa that was stuck on the showroom floor, waiting to be delivered (apparently the dealer was showing my new spa to customers, instead of calling me to let me know it had arrived) because the dealer went to jail and abandoned his business. Cal Spas would not help after calling panicked numerous times. Within 2 weeks the jets were blowing out and I went back and forth by email and phone with Cal Spas (Robert ** and Karen **) to get those replaced for 7 months! Started noticing white flakes in the water within the 1st year, called a Cal Spas dealer in Utah (since we didn't have one) who refused to help and said it was hard water. Did a test to confirm it was not biofilm. Several filters broke from the bottom and ended up in the water. Reported that to the parts department, no response to several emails.

Spa cabinet is deteriorating and warping. Reported that to the Utah dealer and Cal Spas in October 2017. Also reported the spa had been tripping the breaker since the summer intermittently. Utah dealer refused to repair the issue as I was too far from his store (75 miles). Spoke to Cal Spas warranty department (Marfelia **) who agreed to let me find someone else willing to do the repair. The only closest company, Brady's (60 miles away) agreed. They replaced the control box and just put screws in the panels. Cal Spas did offer to replace the panels under warranty, but was going to charge me $114 to ship them, which I still dispute because they are covered under warranty. They also charged me to ship the control box, plus I had to pay the trip charge for the repairs, even though labor is covered under the warranty.

The repair did not fix the tripping issue and is now a daily occurrence, which they tried to blame on the power company at first, then the electrical work (which I had checked) and now they say maybe a new pump would help (at my expense, of course)...fact is, they have no idea what is causing this and I believe it is a stalling tactic until the warranty expires. Two weeks ago I did a water change. While cleaning the interior shell, I discovered that the sealant around ALL of the jets and the filter housing is coming off in chunks and has the consistency of putty, yet very sticky like tree sap. I tried to clean it off the best I could, but even touching it causes it to fall off. I filled the tub so it wouldn't freeze and it tripped the breaker 3 times during start-up. So, I took off the access panel to look inside for a leak.

At that time I noticed all of the plumbing is full of this sealant and then suspected that was the cause of the "white flakes" I had been seeing for the last year. I talked to Brady's and Cal Spas and also sent them both a video of the issue. I was advised to do a super chlorinated flush, even though I told them I just changed the water, the stuff will not come off my shell (let alone the pipes because it is too sticky), plus it will continue to come off after the flush...I told them that I also believe the sealant that is in all the plumbing (most likely pumps, heater too) is causing it to trip. They advised that the sealant is not causing the breaker to trip (even though I was told by Brady's it could). Cal Spas asked for a photo of my pillows (which have some wear after almost 2 years-warrantied for 90 days) and now claim chemical abuse as the reason to not honor the warranty to fix the issue estimated at more than the cost of a new tub.

They claim that, although I am using the right chemicals, they believe I may have used too much and that caused the plumbing to fall apart, yet they advised me 2 days prior to do a super chlorination (which I did not do). If my supposed "high use" of chemicals would cause this, why wouldn't a super chlorination? Doesn't make sense. The fact is, my water is always balanced and checked weekly or before I go in (1-2 times a week). I am very meticulous about the chemistry. I believe they are claiming this to intentionally void the warranty. I offered a water sample, but that does not stop them from claiming it could have happened "any time" within the time I have owned it. I believe Cal Spas is responsible for the manufacturing ERRORS and DEFECTS of this tub that are causing it to now fall apart.

I issued a complaint against them and their response was, of course, still chemical abuse and they wanted me to provide a chemical analysis of the "white powder" (they said) that is floating in the water. Which is crazy because that "white powder" they are referring to is THEIR sealant and THEY should know what it is made of. And, now I'm curious what it is made of, too. Perhaps it is a hazardous substance that is putting my family's health at risk from being in the tub. But, as you see, yet again they are avoiding the issue and laying the responsibility on me, the consumer, to avoid warranting this hot tub. I have a video showing exactly what is happening because it is difficult to explain in writing. It can be viewed here:


If I would have know how shady this company and the dealer was, I never would have went with Cal Spas. This whole experience is a nightmare that just continues...plus now I'm out almost $8000!

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Yeah, it's so horrible!

to Stancio Butler #1493581

You should try Gold's Gym for yoga instead.

Rhonda Dotson Ravenkamp
to Stancio Butler #1495062

I bought the hot tub to help with chronic pain from a broken back injury through aqua-therapy. Yoga helps, too...thanks.


Yeah, what a horrible nightmare!

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