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I have a Cal Spas hot tub & this is the second heater I've put in my tub & both were not covered yet there's a giant sticker on the heater that says lifetime warrantee. They should be sued over that misrepresentation. It's a warrantee for 5 years which they say is the life of the product. What a joke, I will NEVER buy a Cal Spa hot tub again. they are horrible at backing their product. Someone needs to take these guys to court on this misleading... Read more

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I have had my spa since 09, and it has seen very light use in that time. I have been near religious about keeping it clean and keeping up on the chemicals. I have had to replace several jets, a heater, a leaking hose, a pump bearing and now I have to replace a leaking pump and guess what, the company that makes the pumps (Power Right) no longer exists so now I have to spend another 350$ to buy a different brand of pump and then hope it fits... Read more

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This is my 3rd spa and the worst spa I have ever owned. BUYER BEWARE! After 1 year the spa started falling apart and this was not a cheap or used spa! It cost me $6500.00 which is a lot of money to me so I feel for the cost the spa should have held up. In the past my other spas never had problems. The first problem was the head rests started to disintegrate causing a black tar substance all over my jacuzzi and into the filter. They of... Read more

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our cal spas tub was delivered and set up with no problem. a local electrician did the wiring and we filled the tub with water. all was good, the water heated up in a reasonable time and we were able to use the tub the next night. the following morning i noticed that the water level had dropped quite a bit so i removed the side panel and found that the main suction line to the pump was leaking. i contacted cal spas who sent out a local... Read more

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The spa pictured on the website does not give the consumer adequate information to make a solid decision. The manufacturer kept us waiting for weeks to deliver our spa and upon it's arrival it was obvious that this was not going to work for us. The bench seating is very uncomfortable, the seats are low to the ground which makes getting up very difficult and the well is small (if 7 adults were to sit in the spa we would have to have our legs on... Read more

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We purchased a Cal Spa in 2005 primarily because of the life time warranty on the heating element which is normally the most likely equipment to fail. After three years the heating element did fail. The Spa Tech that I called said he would fix it, but I would have to pay for it. Based on his experience, Cal Spa would find any excuse not to stand behind the warranty. In talks with other techs, this appears a valid statement. I understand they... Read more

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My Cal Spa shell is cracking still under warranty but they made some *** excuse. said since I bought it at the spa convention there was no warranty, because I didn't buy it at the show house store... rip off. Only option is to sue them. So I just forget it. Good customer service until that point. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's... Read more

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How about Production Manager using old Control Boxes for new bought spas. Sucks how people keep getting robbed.

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Bought our new spa from Cal Spa at the fair 2015.....have had 3 cal spas in the past and never an issue. This Bakersfield Cal Spa could not get a tech out initially for trouble and am still waiting for a tech. Cal Spa her told an electrician to fix it and he would be paid......still no payment from Cal Spa. Spa will not heat, not even a return call from Cal spa NOR an answer to a text. Cal Spa use to be good......guess we will call their... Read more

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On my one year old spa i ordered a replacement filter and three replacement head pillows. I was told all in stock, will ship out that day. A few days later only the filter came with the package slip stating for the pillows ordered 3 shipped 0. I called Cal Spas 'sorry we have them in stock and will ship them out tomorrow Friday.' the next week i called. On backorder, 'doesn't your paperwork state that?' Pathetic communication skills now i... Read more

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