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We purchased a Cal Spa in 2005 primarily because of the life time warranty on the heating element which is normally the most likely equipment to fail. After three years the heating element did fail. The Spa Tech that I called said he would fix it, but I would have to pay for it. Based on his experience, Cal Spa would find any excuse not to stand behind the warranty. In talks with other techs, this appears a valid statement. I understand they dropped that warranty not long after we bought ours, but they should still stand behind what they sell.... Read more

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My Cal Spa shell is cracking still under warranty but they made some *** excuse. said since I bought it at the spa convention there was no warranty, because I didn't buy it at the show house store... rip off. Only option is to sue them. So I just forget it. Good customer service until that point. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. Read more

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How about Production Manager using old Control Boxes for new bought spas. Sucks how people keep getting robbed. Add comment

Bought our new spa from Cal Spa at the fair 2015.....have had 3 cal spas in the past and never an issue. This Bakersfield Cal Spa could not get a tech out initially for trouble and am still waiting for a tech. Cal Spa her told an electrician to fix it and he would be paid......still no payment from Cal Spa. Spa will not heat, not even a return call from Cal spa NOR an answer to a text. Cal Spa use to be good......guess we will call their corporate today. It appears to be the fault of the Bakersfield CAL SPA itself. WHY would you... Read more

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On my one year old spa i ordered a replacement filter and three replacement head pillows. I was told all in stock, will ship out that day. A few days later only the filter came with the package slip stating for the pillows ordered 3 shipped 0. I called Cal Spas 'sorry we have them in stock and will ship them out tomorrow Friday.' the next week i called. On backorder, 'doesn't your paperwork state that?' Pathetic communication skills now i am to wait till September sometime. Buy somewhere else. This was not my first problem with the... Read more

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I have had my Cal Spa since 2004 new. Its 2015 and I never had one problem out of mine. Yes it cost 8,000.00. I have always have kept clean filters in my hot tub. Always changed my water in the tub once a month. Most of these issues I see on here sounds like poor maintaince. Again I didn't say all. I said most. Read more

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Paid $12,000.00 for a cal spa. WASTED MONEY. All tile fell off the steps not to mention the tile on the surround. Heating element fried. The "STUCCO" sprayed on paper, glued to backer board and nailed to 2x4's. Light covers fell off jet covers fell off. Called company for several issues and basically told "oh well its on you" you think for $12,000.00 it would be built better. Piece of junk and the company is no better. Every week i was calling the place where i purchased it for some new issue, anything from major leaks, to not heating to... Read more

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I bought a Cal Spa from the LA County Fair last year. It was delivered in January of this year and was the wrong one. I wanted one with a water fall and streams, but only got the water fall. So my family and I went to the Fair again to speak with the sales manager. He tells me they would compensate me some how and that someone will call me from the office to arrange it tomorrow. No one called. So I called and leave a message to call me back. The following morning I call and speak with the sales secretary. She tells me she was told to go over... Read more

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I purchased a full out equipped cal spa from a dealer in Phoenix, w/a 5 year warranty. 2 1/2 years later my main pump went out and cal spas took there sweet time to get me names of authorized service repair guys. Not one of them would come out and honor any services for cal spas because they all said the same thing. Cal spas don't pay there bills when submitted . I could not afford the price quoted up front so I wasted $12,000 on a spa ordered from my doctor. How they lasted this long is beside me.I could have purchased a local made spa for... Read more

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I was sold my CAL-SPA hot tub by WATSON's one of only 2 authorized dealers in the Cincinnati area. I was told that Cal-Spa was the best and paid through the nose for it. In total I have spent over $12,000 on an 8ft sqaure tub. First I was ripped off on the price. You may say this was WATSON's and not CAL-SPA, but this IS an AUTHORIZED CAL-SPA dealer... and CAL-SPA does everything they can to help their dealers who they see as THEIR customers, NOT those of us fools who buy the end products and services. I was told my dually pump... Read more

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